DenimX Product Blog

With support of the Province of Limburg, DenimX started the development of a collection of products, consisting of a circular chair, a lamp and a suitcase. Primary goal is to demonstrate the possibilities of smart upcycling of (local) textile waste.


DenimX Product Collection


Simulation of chair design (2)

A student of the University of Arnhem (HAN), performed a simulation of the forces that the modified chair design has to endure. 




The results of research by students of Zuyd University for Applied Sciences

Two groups of excellent students of the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences are doing a research on several aspects of the DenimX business concept e.g. communication, branding and crowd funding. Their recommendations will lead to a better market introduction of the DenimX product collection. 

A first prototype of the circular chair is assembled and evaluated. Important improvements are made to the material recipe and the product design.

Steel frames are ordered and first prototypes are thermoformed on the wooden moulds. 

Lamp design

This concept was selected as the winner from the survey and will be further detailed and engineered.

Survey lamp designs

A Spanish trainee of the University of Delft (Erasmus Program) is performing a survey over social media, using Survey Monkey, in order to discover the general preference for one of the DenimX designs. Concept 1 was announced to be the clear winner. Further design and engineering will lead to a complete product design of this winning concept.

Prototype moulds circular chair

Wooden moulds are produced of the circular chair design in order to examine material, lamination and moulding results.  


Important details of the circular suitcase are designed, engineered and materialized by 3D printing technology in order to create  a prototype. 

Concept of a circular Lamp

One of the realized concepts for a circular lamp

Suitcase design

A circular suitcase design is created that can contain different source materials e.g. recycled jeans and army uniforms.

CAD simulation product design

Delft based company BPO is hired to make a CAD simulation of the initial circular chair design and have material tested by the TU Delft in order to predict the functional performance of the design. Tips and commendations will lead to useful modifications of the design. 

Various options


New concept circular chair

DenimX created a new concept for a multifunctional, stackable and circular conference chair, made out of recycled jeans (cotton) and can be re-used after its lifecycle. The actual frame is made from steel but can also be made from FSC certified wood.



Concept for a complete chair collection