Why DenimX...

Did you know that just in The Netherlands every year 90 million kilos of textiles are collected for re-use or recycling purposes. Moreover, the enormous amount of 150 million kilos of textiles end up in garbagecans and are incinerated are used for landfill. Also the fashion industry produces more garments than they sell, due to changing trends, collections, misfits and miscalculations. Much of these discarded textiles could still be re-used in new applications.

That's why Marc Meijers, industrial designer and founder of DenimX, started in 2013 with his groundbreaking research to find new purposes for our textile waste. He discovered a great, promising combination of shredded textile fibers with a 100% bio-based plastic that created a new type of sustainable, re-usable and circular composite material. 

'sustainable products with re-used content can only compete with virgin type products if they offer unique high-level aesthetics' 

Marc Meijers, Founder & owner of DenimX 


With the support of Meijers' other company MMD Design Innovation that represents more than 25 year of experience in industrial design and engineering, he started to create high-quality products for interior (acoustic panels, furniture, lighting), lifestyle (suitcases, helmets, glass frames) and automotive industries.

Since the developed process keeps the original re-used fibers full in sight, DenimX is able to create products with unique aesthetics that are able to tell the story of their origin. As a source DenimX may use either textile waste streams of the client (e.g. cut waste from textile production, abundant work wear or sport apparel, discarded hotel textiles, etc.) or post-consumer 'waste' that is collected and processed by specialized companies. 

After this long period of research and development Meijers is proud of the result and refers to the famous statement of one of his heroes: 

'It always seems upossible until it's done'

Nelson Mandela, Inspirational leader

How we work...

DenimX offers companies consultancy and circular turn-key product solutions, including design and engineering services. That makes DenimX' proposition unique and exclusive.

The first step in a project is to determine the required input and desired output of the process. On the input side, source materials have to be identified. Has a company large waste streams volumes of of its own? Than a qualitative research will be planned how these waste streams may be processed and re-used. On the output side, the desired end products need to be determined, including their requirements, options and variations. DenimX will then turn the right knobs and deliver a design that can be produced on a commercial, volume based scale.  

DenimX works together with carefully selected production partners and holds a strong believe in the success of co-creation. Together we strive for a sustainable, better world that the generations after us may enjoy just as much as we do. 

Marc Meijers - Founder and owner of DenimX

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